The Love & Fear Connection on Health

The human psyche is in balance and strives to keep and maintain this balance but the human awareness because of its filter mechanism, can often go out of balance due to your perceptions creating a state of imbalance and consequently a physiological and or pathological …

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[Client Conversion Tip] – How to help clients see VALUE over PRICE?

Posted by Sohial in Business Success on Nov 10, 2014 . A common question I am often asked from practitioners in our business seminars is “how to better communicate the value of their service to their clients? In order to answer this question, it is …

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How your Self-Image Controls You?

You have a self-image ingrained from life experiences during childhood. People around you play a massive role in how you become who you are today. In fact, around the age of 5 it is said that you are using about 80% of your creative potential …

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