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Moxibustion, the age old practice of burning dried mugwort (a type of green leafy plant) to stimulate the flow of blood and better wellness, has found a new home around the world in the hands of acupuncturists, physiotherapists, and other practitioners. With its excellent properties and how easy it is to use with patients, it’s a solid tool to have in your arsenal. It also goes hand in hand with acupuncture itself, often being considered one and the same practice in ancient China. Today, moxa sticks have been improved upon from their ancient counterparts without losing any of the benefits they bring with them.

Consider this: the amount of smoke created when burning moxa sticks can be troublesome for some patients. Those with colds or respiratory illnesses will likely find the smoke to be an irritant, or you may not want to generate so much smoke indoors. In that case, your practice should buy smokeless moxa sticks. For an online source, consider Needlepro Australia. We offer top quality smokeless moxa sticks at wholesale prices, making it a simple matter to equip your office with everything you need to satisfy all kinds of patients. Read on to find out a little more about our products and the advantages of choosing to buy online from our website.

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When it comes to the application of moxibustion, considering the comfort of the patient should be one of your foremost concerns. Because this process involves the application of heat close to the skin, it’s critical to ensure you use a quality product. Our founder, Sohial Farzam, a lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health, has put his experience to work in uncovering the best smokeless moxa sticks you can buy. These stick-on sticks created by DongBang provide superior close contact heat without being uncomfortable for the patient.

We place great pride in confidence in the products we offer, so when you bulk buy smokeless moxa sticks from us, we promise you’ll be happy with the results. If they don’t meet your expectations, send back the empty package or unused portion and receive a total refund. The process is as simple as that. Needlepro works hard to deliver the products today’s Australian practitioners need at wholesale prices, but we will never compromise on quality.

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