As the water and He-Sea point in Chinese Medicine, the channel dives in deeper and the energetics become stronger and more targeted and may influence the energy of the heart muscle. Lonny Jarrett explains it well and the idea refers to the fact that if the water element FAILS to rise and control the expression of fire (water/fire axis), our desires flame the ego and this conditions our mind to become attached to superficial drama.

However if the water OVER-CONTROLS the fire, then fear sets in our system and subdues our internal desires and we become heavy and inactive in life. This water-clogged pathology may give us clues to why some develop certain heart conditions with no genetic or biological imbalances (is it possible that a congestive heart disorder (fluid pathology) could resemble this)? The lack of connection between fire and water can close one’s emotions off primarily by fear and this can cause lack of compassion and warmth to others and one can become a victim of fear with a closed-off personality.

Regards Sohial Farzam

Reference: Lonny Jarrett, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, 2003.

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