Happy New Year + Valuable Tips

This is the time of year where people either contract or expand. You either create yourself or break yourself. Many people make new years resolutions without really knowing what it means. Most often than not, these resolutions fail and in fact many have simply given up on making their new years resolutions.

Before understanding the concept of making new years resolutions, you need to first reflect, acknowledge and let go of anything that may hold you back or circumstances in which you think you may have experienced as failures. As many have previously said before me “You cannot input new ideas in a mind full of old weeds”. So accept your failures, learn the lesson and move on.

Now, a resolution simply means to resolve something. It signifies how you want something to be? And the steps clearly involved in attaining that. However for many, a new years resolution is simply a wish list and nothing more. To make it count, you absolutely have to have a grand VISION behind every resolution you put in your mind. The vision has to excite you and get you to become emotional about your plans, goals and ultimately your resolutions. The emotion creates the motion needed by your brain to go to work to attract the opportunities for you to acquire that which you deeply desire. Ask yourself WHY you want it, and as the statement goes in the language of self-development, “if your ‘why’ is big enough, and you have reasons behind it, your HOW’s will take care of the rest”.

Accept change. However, change alone is expected, but progression is what’s truly needed to get you embracing the results of change. Make sure you are always moving forward and that you have progress in your movements and always measure your results.

If you constantly say to yourself – ‘you can’t do this, or that’, let me ask you this – when did you decide that for yourself? When did you decide that’s the person you are going to be? Why do you explain/define/articulate/communicate/represent yourself as someone who CAN’T do this or that. Most of this notion comes from an early age and is related to either comparison or acceptance from someone else. The only person that needs to accept you…is you.

Don’t define yourself as someone with limitations. Your limitations are directly proportionate to your beliefs. And your beliefs are simply a paradigm involving a multitude of repetitive habits. So create new habits and understand it takes a short amount of time (it is said habits take between 19-90 days) to sustain a new habit as the brain reframes, releases and re-trains a NEW set of habits in your subconscious mind (J, Assaraf, Praxis).

Ultimately create new standards and priorities for yourself. Make them big and make them count. Raise your current standards, learn to prioritise your days based on meaningful and purposeful values and contents and create steps for you to learn to live by them and follow them through. Only you can do this but you have to believe in the power you have within. Learn to become a master of your destiny and not hide in the shadows of others.

And remember this powerful quote from Jim Rohn – “while discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs a ton”. Give yourself permission to ask for anything you truly want. It’s available to you, if you really want it.

Thank you for being part of the family culture I envision to create. Thank you for supporting my work and Needlepro Australia. It is because of you NeedlePro has had the success and recognition it has attracted in such a short time. I appreciate the value you see in my work and in my products. Every year should be a BIG year for you and I would love be there right next to you. Let us influence the world together.

Happy New Year.

Yours, in good health,
Sohial Farzam

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