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The Primary Healer – Intention

The first and foremost priority of a Chinese Medicine practitioner (in fact all health practitioners in my opinion) as stated in the Ling Shu is Intention. This should clear up many mis-conceptions for those who find a weakness in their diagnostic abilities. In fact, diagnosis falls at number 5. Intention to treat with a clear heart of serving reinstates your skill and ability as a practitioner.

If diagnosis is your weakness, perhaps re-evaluate your concern and realign yourself with a clear intention. This statement is not too offend but merely to express the value of being a practitioner. Intention is also a critical tool to use to activate physiological changes in the brain. With clear and focused intention, our brain can help us move toward the intended request. However, this plays both ways. If you have negative intentions and thoughts, your brain also has the capacity to create negative consequences.

In treating, it is wise to treat clients based on their inner needs and voids. We must listen with intention and practice with intention. The intention of healing, soothing, promoting, tonifying, sedating, cooling, warming and the list goes on.

The second pre-requisite as mentioned in the classical text is your ability to follow the dao/the way/the path. It is only with clear and focused intention and compliance to believe and practice (as well as to live day to day) within the domain of the universal laws of nature, that we can be guided and stay most adaptable. It therefore, is to your detriment, should you challenge the universal laws that govern us all.

Some of these challenges can be as simple as:
– having an unrealistic expectation of others to live within your values framework (e.g. beliefs)
– having an unrealistic expectation of yourself to live outside your own values framework (e.g. beliefs)

Anytime, we have unrealistic expectations, without clear and focused intentions (such as one of healing and serving), we may experience challenges. And these challenges are proportionate to what you need in order to return back to a state of balance or within universal principles.

So as it is said before by many, it is wise to be or practice conscious awareness as we are all praying 24/7. So what are you praying for?

Regards Sohial Farzam

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