Acupuncture Needles

Enhance your acupuncture sessions with NeedlePro’s carefully curated collection of acupuncture needles. Discover quality needles designed for precision and comfort. Elevate your practice with our diverse range of acupuncture essentials.

Looking to buy acupuncture needles online in Australia?

Welcome to Needle Pro, your go-to destination for a wide range of high-quality acupuncture needles. Whether you’re an experienced acupuncturist or a beginner, we have just the right selection of needles to cater to all your acupuncture and dry-needling needs.


Our collection of acupuncture needles is crafted from superior-quality materials to provide the utmost comfort and precision during treatment. We take pride in offering the finest needles that will help you achieve the best results for your patients.

What are the different types of acupuncture needles?

We are the home of the famous and best-selling DongBang acupuncture needles from Korea as well as our famous economical and high quality cosmetic J-Type needles using both Japanese and German surgical grade stainless steel. We supply our popular DongBang acupuncture needles in box of 100’s called the DongBang DB100 and our box of 1000’s called the DongBang DB106. For practitioners who prefer to use needles with individual guide tubes then the box of 100’s is for you. And for the practitioners who are slightly faster paced wanting to access the needles quicker (and as a bonus to produce less mess and waste), the box of 1000’s is for you.

What size needles are used for acupuncture?

We carry a large range of popular gauges and lengths of acupuncture needles from 0.12mm – 0.30mm in width and 15mm – 105mm in length.


For acupuncturists who work more specifically with musculo-skeletal and sports conditions and are doing dry needling on trigger points or ashi points as part of their needling practice, then we advise using slightly thicker gauges such as the 30mm x 30mm and 30mm x 50mm (the box of 100’s have been the preferred choice by our current practitioner customers – product code DB100).