Acupuncture Needles

Welcome to NeedlePro Australia’s acupuncture needle supplies online. We are the home of the famous and best-selling DongBang acupuncture needles from Korea as well as our famous economical and high quality cosmetic J-Type needles using both Japanese and German surgical grade stainless steel. We supply our popular DongBang acupuncture needles in box of 100’s called the DongBang DB100 and our box of 1000’s called the DongBang DB106. For practitioners who prefer to use needles with individual guide tubes then the box of 100’s is for you. And for the practitioners who are slightly faster paced wanting to access the needles quicker (and as a bonus to produce less mess and waste), the box of 1000’s is for you. We carry a large range of popular gauges and lengths of acupuncture needles in both package types.
For qualified practitioners who have gained extensive training hours in dry needling and who have been certified by registered providers, then you will be pleased that our DongBang acupuncture needles have also been well sought after for dry needling using slightly thicker gauges such as the 30mm x 30mm and 30mm x 50mm (the box of 100’s have been the preferred choice by our current practitioner customers – product code DB100).

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