DongBang DB100 Spring Metal Acupuncture Needles (Box of 100)

$11.75 exc. tax

1 to 5 Boxes = $11.75 Each
6-10 Boxes = $11.25 Each
(SAVE 4.2%)
11-29 Boxes = $10.95 Each
(SAVE 6.8%)
30+ Boxes = $10.25 Each
(SAVE 12.5%)

DongBang’s prized product – these are SUPER KOREAN quality needles with AMAZING value.
They have greater receptivity and control upon both insertion and manipulation and a higher level of comfort for your patients with smooth insertion.


DB100 Spring Metal Handle Needle with Insertion Tube (Single)

Box of 100

Please Note: Due to ever increasing production and logistics cost, please note of the price increase as of November 1st 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

A Needle of Choice for So Many Musculo-Skeletal Practitioners


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