Giving Back

Giving back with NeedlePro Australia all year long – not just around the holidays!

In today’s world, just having great quality tools is not enough.

It is super important but there’s always something just as important.

And for us (and we hope for you too), next to offering premium high quality super affordable acupuncture needles is what we do behind the scenes to GIVE BACK to the community and the planet at large.

From the very first year of starting shop, our intentions were what we can do to make the community and the world a better place.

Check out how you are directly contributing from your purchases to making our community and this world a better place by simply choosing to shop with us…

meals to orphan kids
food hampers to widows and their families
days of clean water for up to 300 people
days of schooling for 7 girls

Meet NeedlePro Australia’s CHILDREN and the WOMEN you help sponsor just by shopping with us…

Mahboba’s Promise

Mahboba’s Promise, an organisation close to our heart, is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged women and children in Afghanistan.

As an afghan experiencing escaping war with family while leaving everything behind, I witnessed firsthand the many struggles my parents, siblings and greater family as well as other afghan communities went through.

With your help we are able to sponsor widows and orphans, help to build schools and support hospitals in Afghanistan.

For more information please visit their website

The Australian Bushfires and Wildlife Impact

Early in the year 2020 we were able to assist funding the bush fires from a percentage of orders and supporting some of the victims with your help.

NeedlePro Australia donated $5 from every order to CFA and to WIRES animal rescue.

Next to this, we also donated 3 x $150 (total value of $450) vouchers in pre-set needle packages to practitioners who was setting up a place and provided treatments to those needed our help.

We built a Water Well in Africa...

Millions of poverty-stricken people in Africa don’t have access to clean drinking water. In 2021 NeedlePro Australia sponsored to built a manual hand pulling water well in Africa to help provide an ongoing benefit to an entire village. This water well will last between 12-21 years and provides free safe and clean drinking water for 250-300 DAILY people.

Here are some pics of the build...

Educational Institutions and Rehabilitation Centres

With your help, for the past 5+ years we are able to provide our acupuncture needles and associated products at a much discounted rate for the Endeavour College of Natural Health and RMIT University Acupuncture Depts. to help our future practitioners gain access to a world-renowned acupuncture needle product throughout the crucial years of their training and needling workshops. (Check them out here: AND
Pic Source: Endeavour College of Natural Health Website & RMIT Health Clinic Bundoora.

Next to this, as I did most of my training at the Windana Drug & Alcohol Recovery during my studies, its been a rewarding experience to have been a long-term supporter supplying our acupuncture needles at a fraction of the regular price to the clinics at this amazing recovery centre. Windana is an inspiring organisation that has “helped thousands of people overcome their alcohol and other drug use to lead healthy, productive and rewarding lives” (Check them out here:

How About Recycled or Renewable Shipping Cartons & Packaging…

If you’ve been shopping with us for some time, you may have not known that for almost as long as we’ve been around (since 2013), we’ve done our bit to minimise our environmental footprint and to become more sustainable.

So here’s how we’ve been doing this and how we continue to make changes in our company for a positive impact on the environment:

Accredited Chinese Medicine and Integrative Training for Student’s and Practitioners

Random Fun Times with Friends, Colleagues and Associates…