DPB Hand & Face Detox Acupuncture Needles

$13.95 exc. tax

With its painless insertion, these super fine, smooth and lightweight needles specifically suited for the hand and face will certainly provide a joyful experience to your clients.

1-9 Boxes = $13.95 Each
10-30 Boxes = $13.00 Each (SAVE 7%)
30+ Boxes = $12.50 Each (SAVE 11%)



Fall in Love with these TINY SUPERSTARS!

DPB Hand/Face (Detox) Needles

These fine super smooth, lightweight and easy to handle hand and face needles are remarkable in providing a great experience both for the practitioner and the client.

Used for a variety of purposes such as Cosmetic acupuncture, Hand acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture, Master Tungs acupuncture system and much more.

Available in an easy to apply blister pack of 5 needles (in a sheet of 10), they make using these popular needles a truly joyful experience.

Like it’s mother, the J-Type series, the DPB Needles are manufactured using surgical grade stainless steel wire from Germany or Japan and provide a painless insertion.

Box of 100


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