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DongBang DB111 Long Acupuncture Needles (Pk of 100)

$18.50 exc. tax

A high-quality and reliable stainless-steel needle that is great for trigger point therapy around the thighs & buttocks.

NEW Tiered Pricing for even MORE SAVINGS!

1 to 9 Boxes = $18.50 Each

10-19 Boxes = $17.20 Each
(SAVE 7%)
20+ Boxes = $16.35 Each – (SAVE 11.5%)

Please Note: Due to ever increasing production and logistics cost, please note of the price increase as of November 1st 2023. Thank you for your understanding.


DongBang DB111 Long needle BULK VALUE PURCHASE

Please Note: This is the packs of 100

Sterile and single use with surgical grade stainless steel
Great value, unique and rarely available in Australia as bulk buying
Blister packs with 10 needles & 1 guide tube
Great for points around the thighs & buttocks
Excellent for trigger point therapy and smooth threading application with quality needles

Pack of 100

Sizes: 0.25mm x 75mm | 0.30mm x 75mm | 0.30mm x 105mm


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