Acupuncture Point Discussion – Kidney 24 Ling Xu (Spirit Burial Ground)

The kidney energy system in Chinese Medicine is the source of life from conception to our last breath when the flame in the Gate of Fire/Vitality (Ming-Men) burns out completely. After conception the two primary fundamental substances injected into the embryo that will allow its development and growth are Essence (Jing) and Spirit (Shen) and this is mediated by Qi (Energy) according to TCM. According to this simple knowledge, we can translate that the whole purpose of life is the ongoing balance and incorporation of the energies of the heart (fire) and kidney (water).

Your purpose is to allow your constitution (kidney essence) to become enlightened (heart spirit). This is clearly visible through the course of the Kidney channel as it ends at Kidney 27 (your palace/mansion) where you have become spiritually enlightened. In simple terms, it means your constitution has an accountability and therefore the strength from the time of your conception to reach its full potential throughout the progression of your life.

How does this relate to Kidney 24 – Spirit Burial Ground?

When you have lost touch with the inner meanings of your life, dreams, aspirations and values that lie in your heart and therefore your purpose and direction in life (heart spirit), you lose your vitality and essence (kidney constitution) and ultimately you can age much quicker than others and become more susceptible to an imbalanced physiology (according to Chinese Medicine).

Kidney 24 resembles a burial ground. The energy here has left Kidney 23 (Spirit Seal) which resembles an obstruction (therefore a seal) of your spirit and also your intrinsic potential. As the channel energy meets at Kidney 24, it demonstrates that you have just enough “reserves” left to see that even at a dark and lonely burial ground, there can still be life and you have the power to come out above the ground (paraphrasing the teachings of Lonny Jarrett from the Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine) . Take your head out of the ground and out of your problems, and appreciate that you are breathing and have a life (unlike dead around you).

This point initiates that last bit of reserves to fire up your true potential. The same potential you had at the time of conception with a clean and pure spirit to be born and to live a magnificent life. Lonny makes a great suggestion to using this point after or during a long battle of illness or chronic longstanding emotional trauma. “Give life to one who thinks life has been taken out of them”.

Regards Sohial Farzam

Reference: The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, Lonny Jarrett, Spirit Path Press.

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  1. Amazing. I have used these points as part of ‘heart support’ collection of points. I found it to have such an incredible impact on myself and those I’ve treated. Very nourishing and perspective changing. Absolutely love these articles which detail the spiritual and esoteric aspects of Chinese medicine.

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      Thank you for reading the article and for sharing your experience with these points.
      They really are great points and for ‘heart support’ as you mentioned.
      Kind Regards, Sohial

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