The Psycho-Spiritual Concept of Gall Stones

Gall Stones are one of the most prominent challenges in Australia with an estimated total of over 40,000+ people annually getting surgery to remove their Gall Bladders mostly due to stones and also Gall Bladder dysfunction.

This is not a discussion on the pathology of Gall Stones but more so the psycho-spiritual concept of why so many people develop Gall stones or common Gall Bladder dysfunction. According to TCM, this little sac like structure is heavily involved in one’s decision making ability. And behind every good decision is a great plan – ruled by the Gall Bladders partner, the Liver.

Why do people have so much problems in making decisions? Simple answer, is most people have no clear distinction or purpose for what it is they truly want out of life. And the minority of people who have some direction, their decisions are chronically and heavily hindered by the thoughts and thinking of the people around them over-powering their right to think, to feel, to plan and ultimately to act.

Most people in todays society have adapted a personality to subordinate to others – this could be family members, friends, peers, colleagues and associates. This creates a constant state of confusion because you lose congruency between your heart (purpose and drive) and mind (conscious thought and ego). What mediates this cycle (according to Chinese Medicine) is the liver which then becomes accustomed to holding onto all their anger, frustrations and resentments of ‘Why do I keep falling in to this trap?’, ‘Why does this always happen to me?’, ‘Why do I keep attracting bad relationships’?

Imagine making a decision that is true to you and only you. Imagine making decisions that is not pre-determined by lack of clarity because you know deep down your decision MAY hurt someone, MAY leave someone behind and ultimately the decision that will dis-inhibit your growth and your purpose only to allow them (someone else) to be liberated and free while you fall behind and absorb the repercussions of a failed dream.

Do you know how much the body builds resentments (could these be in fact stones?) when you disobey the laws of the universe (and your body) and don’t follow your path and master your own destiny? Your body signals these signs for you and eventually can create blockages (or perhaps stones representing your obstacles) to show you how much you de-value yourself by putting walls that serve you no purpose.

Obstacles to tell you that your current decisions (or lack of) are not aligned to your purpose. These signs and symptoms can be a warning for you before they become a pathology. The choice is therefore yours. Your decisions in life are critical. They will either make you and build you, or contract and destroy you. Have the courage (also a representation of the Gall Bladder) to make a decision that will enable you to follow your dreams and your goals and ultimately your values because no other man or women on this planet share the same set of values. Your values determine your decisions. What are your values?

Regards Sohial Farzam

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