Are you suffering from Chronic Fatigue?

Are you suffering from Chronic Fatigue or Tiredness?

If you have tried everything such as correcting your diet, exercising, taking vitamins and minerals and you find yourself still feeling flat, let me tell you one of the most overlooked reasons behind your problem.

Many illnesses can be due to a lack of energy, dehydration and most commonly stress. Stress can be a precursor for a wide range of illnesses. Daily stress at random intervals is ok. In fact it is needed for you to keep challenging yourself in order to keep evolving and growing.

But constant stress impacts your physiology and is detrimental to your immune system. Most people are unaware of the depth of their stress and therefore do not realise that they are in a constant state of worry, doubt, lethargy, low self-esteem and ultimately their stress extends to allow them to feel constantly threatened in their relationships, family, friends, career, business as well as their financial status.

This threat causes you to initiate your natural survival mechanism and your body adapts a Flight or Fight response and starts to activate a sympathetic nervous response by releasing stress hormones such as epinephrine (adrenaline). This is a normal habitual mechanism by your body to keep you alive.

However in chronic states of persistent stress and depression, this reaction intoxicates your physiology and can negatively impact your immune system, and over time may cause ailments like high blood pressure, increased heart rate, elevated blood glucose levels and re-directing the blood from your digestive system to your muscles to be ready to react.

Ultimately impacting your nourishment and absorption capabilities – hence the possible initiation of food allergies.

It is therefore wise and critical to understand the consequences of your state of mind and levels of stress. You need to give your immune system a REASON to fight for you. Give it a reason to say you are valuable and you appreciate yourself, your health and your life. This in turn will increase your self-image and you will gain the confidence and may kick start your natural healing ability. The power you have within you is by far better than any vitamin, supplement, exercise or any dietary choices. It all starts with you.

Regards Sohial Farzam
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