Acupuncture Point Discussion – Lung 1 (Central Palace)

According to Chinese medicine, the lungs are the source of our intrinsic values and by living according to what’s most meaningful to us, this will allow our innate inspiration. The internal branch of the liver channel leaves and passes through the diaphragm to connect with the lungs. This energy will travel smoothly if one seeks to act with assertion and hope (Liver 14 – Gate of Hope) to meet one’s palace (The lungs).

If one always fears challenges and gets withdrawn from obstacles (the diaphragm), the channel energetics can stagnate at the level of the diaphragm and this may initiate Asthma as well as Asthma attacks. The diaphragm may represent the walls (L, Jarrett, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine) and challenges of life psycho-spiritually. Do you see these challenges IN your way or ON your way? You can transform your life if you start to perceive challenges ON your way rather than IN your way.

If the energy flows along the trajectory to and through the lung smoothly, it can allow us to become inspired to take on life. We breath deeply and with each breath we are able to distinguish the fact that – what we breath in (oxygen and life), we breath valuable lessons and inspirational values and what we breath out (Carbon Dioxide and expired life) – we let go of toxic thoughts and values that do not serve our life and our progressive development. We have to, in life, be able to take in the good but also remember that consequently we should also surrender and let go of the bad in order to evolve our consciousness.

Regards Sohial Farzam

References: Lonny Jarrett, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, Spirit Path Press, 2003.

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