Procrastination in Business

How often do you procrastinate when it comes to certain decisions you need to make regarding your business? How often do you delay a task, even though you know it is the right thing to take action on?

These are some of the most common thought patterns people experience both in business and personal life. Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons of stagnation and melancholia. We know in TCM that the liver energy is what moves us and our physiological activities are under the smooth control of the liver. The liver energy is said to move in all directions in the body, but one particular directional movement of the liver which is significant is the upward direction.

If the liver energy is stagnant, then one may feel mildly depressed and timid (although only temporary).

However this isn’t just in your state of mind, but it extends to affect your instinctual drive to follow your dreams and make focused decisions based on action and hence why you procrastinate. As the liver’s energy fails to rise, it can cause you to Sigh – and every sigh is potentially your body signalling you to take action, or at least attempt to re-align your actions.

Coincidentally the liver’s spiritual energy according to Chinese medicine is involved in creativity, aspiration, artistic capabilities, building relationships, desires, ability to dream and developing courage to move forward in life. Conclusively, when you procrastinate, your body is simply saying ‘please give me instructions’, and in doing so, your body implements ACTION. Procrastination is in one way, simply the anticipation of failure and the best way to correct this state of behaviour is to take Action quickly, refine and move on. You may still fail, but you will never know until you give it a go.

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Regards Sohial Farzam

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