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[Client Conversion Tip] – How to handle client rejections?

Here is a quick, easy and very effective tip on better handling client rejections (clients who do not want to work with you) – and understanding that not everyone will be the right match for you. There are going to be clients who resonate with you and many that will not.

Being a health practitioner it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to help as many people as we can. But you have to understand that not everyone is ready to receive your gift of healing…yet!

Yes it is our job to help people see that there is a way for them to get better and healthier and most often they are not in the best position to see that for themselves. However, if you fall into the belief that you can or you should help anyone and everyone, you will be the first to face ultimate burn out. This is definitely not a great place to be for a practitioner. It is extremely common especially with new practitioners who are perhaps more innocent in that they want to seek as many people to help. With experience in your skill, knowledge and business development you will learn that the best you have to offer will be received in the best way by the ideal clients who will be willing and eager to work with you. The key word here is “ideal” clients not the “right” client.

The best way to find ideal clients who will perhaps be the right match for you is to be yourself. When you are authentic and living and practicing your medicine based on your intrinsic values you are in the best shape to perform and give ultimate healing. When you are trying to be someone else or you are intimidated by fellow colleagues and practitioners who have more experience than you, and you start to subconsciously replicate their ways, you also start to falter and deviate from your true talents.

Here, you will attract people who are not necessarily going to be right fit for you based proportionately to your own space-time horizon when it comes to your own skill. You will start to question yourself and your ability as a healer and your clients may not receive the best care they could from you. This is not fair either way – for you the practitioner and for your client the receiver.

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Regards Sohial Farzam

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