Do you wait for Perfection?

An extremely common discussion I face with some of my students, post-graduates and when I consult for some of my business clients, is the notion of them waiting for everything to be perfect before they act or implement – in other words, to take action.

Although I understand where they are coming from (as this was a guilty habit I once had), I will ask you this question – Whom are you trying to be perfect for? Take time to really think about this question and what it actually is trying to ask of you.

You see one of the biggest misunderstandings people have when it comes to running and being in business, is that they go into business for themselves, when in fact, you actually go into business for the market. Your business is market driven, not personal driven. Yes the business starts with an individual and a highly compelling vision, but ultimately you are in business for your customers/clients. If you have the best product in the world, but there is no market for it (no customers), then you are not in business. So understand that the business you’re in is the business of customers.

So how does this relate to perfection?

Well understanding that your business is market driven and that your customers potentially drive the growth of your business and sales, when you say to yourself “I want this product/service/offer to be perfect” – well how do you know its perfect when it is your CUSTOMERS that are the end buyer of your product and it is them that will determine if it is perfect or not!

You see, you are not the consumer of your product, your customer is. So therefore your opinion (to an extent) is invalid because making a product or service near perfect means you need to implement and take it out to the market, receive feedback (good or bad) from your consumers, and then you can alter it, fix it, change it, transform it or modify it based on feedback to make it near perfect.

This goes with service based industries as well as consumables. If you think you don’t know enough or have not mastered your service and are too humble to admit you are gifted and talented at your current level of conscious development, well you will never get there if you don’t implement, practice and ultimately TAKE ACTION. Life rewards.

Taking action will ultimately refine your skills because you learn from your experiences. Perfection is often related to an underlying issue of insecurity and low self-esteem as one tries so aggressively to please others or themselves. It’s trying to seek fulfilment for a void that creates lack of connection between the heart and the spirit.

In business, if you, your product or your service are at least 70-80% ready, take action and bring out to the market. And let the remaining percentage be feedback from your customers. As Aristotle once said:

“To know and not to act is the same as not knowing”

Best Regards,

Sohial Farzam

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