In this video (5:32 mins), I discuss how our emotions can trap us and how we can become bound by space and time which makes it harder for us to extend ourselves beyond our condition and suffering and see that we are moving further away from any healing.

I also discuss the nature of judgement and why we judge as well as how our minds are scaled differently when we are in a state of judgement compared to when we are in a state of love and balance.

And the last section of the video, I discuss another view of looking into the meaning of the Kidney and Heart axis in Chinese Medicine. The connection between the kidney and heart is significant and when they are truly connected and their message is congruent, then and only then we can have the capacity to maximise our purpose and be driven for something beyond ourselves and greater than ourselves and our day to day emotions.

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The concepts discussed in this video are influenced by Lonny Jarrett and Jeffrey Yuen. For those who want to do further reading, I suggest:
Lonny Jarrett’s book – The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine –
Jeffrey Yuen’s work –

Watch below…

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