[Video] – Liver 14 and Lung 1 Energy Interaction

Here’s a short video (4:25mins) on the interaction and dynamic of energy and channel movement and its impact on behaviour by using Lung 1 and Liver 14.

This is the transition period on the horary cycle between wood and metal.

Both of these points can be a great combination for a number of behavioural traits.

Watch below.

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Here’s just a fraction of the content that will be covered over two powerful days:


  • The evolution of consciousness and the universe
  • The hierarchy of human values and the drive for fulfilment
  • The laws and prerequisites of a healer according to TCM
  • The classic texts on emotional mastery and living at the level of the soul
  • The brain in TCM and its response to change and quantum healing
  • A comprehensive analysis of the 5 Spirits (Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi and Hun)
  • The science of pain and emotional trauma and its impact on the body
  • How the 5 Spirits affect personality traits


  • The miraculous life changing powers of the 8 extraordinary channels and resolving chronic and even generational trauma
  • A comprehensive look at stress, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, grief, PTSD (TCM/Western models)
  • The psycho-emotional and metaphysical cause of the most commonly occurring diseases
  • A comprehensive analysis of the psycho-spiritual functions of 50 most commonly used acupuncture points for emotional empowerment
  • Diagnostic understanding – channel palpation, tongue, pulse, facial, eyes, skin colour etc
  • Handling client transformations and negative emotional reactions to treatment, tools to help clients help themselves, nutritional and supplementation for higher consciousness, needling techniques, herbs, case studies and much more…

The concepts discussed in this video are an interpretation of what Lonny Jarrett discusses in his book “The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine” on acupuncture points. Click here to check out his book: https://www.spiritpathpress.com/


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