DB131 Intra Dermal Needles

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DB131 DongBang Intra Dermal Needles (CLEAR THOSE WRINKLES)

Intra dermal needles made from stainless steel
Packed with 10 needles per plastic wrap
Excellent for embedding therapy especially for cosmetic acupuncture
Sterilised by Gamma Rays

Available is 2 sizes
Small (0.12 mm x 3mm),
Medium (0.12 mm x 5 mm)

50 pieces per package

1 review for DB131 Intra Dermal Needles

  1. Casey Dorman (verified owner)

    Thank-you so much for these! such great quality, easy to use and really effective for those tiny areas on the face! will be buying these all the time!

    • Sohial

      HI Casey, thank you so much for sharing your experience with these needles. We are glad you are enjoying them and happy to hear they are effective for your work. Kind Regards,

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