DB 207 Smokeless Stick-On

$28.90 exc. tax

Smoke-free and odour-free, stick-on moxa has a hole on the base which transmits heat evenly and smoothly.

Please Note: Due to ever increasing production and logistics cost, please note of the price increase as of November 1st 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

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DB 207 Smokeless Stick-On Moxa – NEW PACKAGING with stringer sticking adhesive

DongBang’s Smokeless stick-on moxa available now odour-free and smoke-free.
Just like the DB220A Stick-On moxa, this product has a hole on the base which transmits heat evenly and smoothly.

180 Pieces per box

Please Note: Care should be taken when using Moxa Stick On’s as it reaches high temperatures and is applied directly on the skin.


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