[Mindset Development Tip] – Why you have the ability to achieve anything you put your mind too?

The Heart channel (meridian) in Chinese Medicine has 9 Acupuncture points. In Chinese astrology this represents your inner most potential. This means your heart strives to get you to live your life according to your highest values and to push the barriers of comfort and limitation so that you can learn to extend your intrinsic gifts and become the master of your own destiny.

Any challenges that may come your way in life are congruent with your decision and your objective (your goal) and these challenges are directed to you to enhance your skill and refine your technique. The problem is, the masses retreat from the first sight of challenges and withdraw and then justify their reasons to make themselves feel satisfied thinking ‘I gave it a good shot’. The master uses the challenges as a gift to learn, refine and implement a new strategy to get them closer to their goal. All challenges in life carry the seed and benefit of the blessing that people fail to see. It takes a wise person to see the benefits and gains of challenges at the exact same time of experiencing them. The blessings are there, you just haven’t looked hard enough.

Some say that the mind (ego) is either a beautiful servant or an evil master. And this is true if the heart is not connected to the mind. In Chinese Medicine the mind is closely connected to the heart. In fact it is harboured and governed by the heart. However, at times when there is disassociation between what you truly want in your heart and what your mind (ego) wants for you, there is an imbalance and a loss in connection. This is the start of an imbalance. When you deviate from what you truly want in your core, your physiology changes and you start to develop symptoms to help guide you and bring you back to authenticity – your true self.

I read a great statement once that said “your heart gives your inner vision to your mind, and your mind gives the sight (the path) of the vision back to your heart”. This congruency enlightens you and your creativity, inspiration and mastery and you will not fail to move closer to your objective and to achieve anything you set your heart and mind too. This is called mastery. This is true enlightenment. This is your life. What a precious gift.

As Lao Tzu states:

“At the centre of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want”.

Regards, Sohial Farzam.

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