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[Video] – Acupuncture Point Discussion, Small Intestine 17

In this video, you will learn some of the more exciting features of acupuncture point Small Intestine 17. The name of the point is Tian Rong which can be translated to Celestial Countenance or Heavenly Appearance or Expression. Located on the neck and classified as a Window of the Heavens point, SI17 has a powerful influence on an individual’s association to self-trust in order to resolve issues of cynicism and becoming more empowered to have better direction in life with certainty and connection to one’s values.

Dr. Sohial Farzam
(Doctor of TCM)
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Reference: The concepts discussed in this video are an interpretation from Lonny Jarrett’s book – The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. You can check out Lonny’s work and books here: https://www.spiritpathpress.com/

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