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The Heart protector, also known as the Pericardium, comes from the Greek word signifying around and heart and is a significant energetic and structural (membrane) component in the body as it protects and covers the heart. In Chinese Medicine, the Pericardium plays a crucial role as the protector of the heart because the heart governs and harbours the mind and the Spirit.

The Pericardium has a unique association in the communication of ones ego and that of others. It’s about creating long lasting interpersonal relationships that serve both parties as well as enhanced communication with the outside world in order to grow, learn and fulfil ones true values. It is about love and intimacy and developing connections with others. There are two components within the energetics of the Pericardium namely Yin & Yang and any deficiency or excess within the yin and yang part of Pericardium can cause a great deal of imbalance.

Let’s explore the yin and yang of the Pericardium as taught by Leon Hammer in his book “Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies”

Pericardium Yin

A deficiency in the yin energies of the pericardium disturbs the inner values of a person to a point where they are incapable of self love and nourishment and therefore develop an insubstantial lack of connection when it comes to love, sex and intimacy and a general lack of creativity when trying to express any emotional connection to others. They become the push over in relationships. They have sincere feelings to others and can convey these feeling well to others but due to a lack of security they are unable to relate these feelings for their own comfort and happiness. They lack patience and determination in confiding in themselves and being unfulfilled by being around their own company, and so out of insecurity and chronic confusion they act desperately to seek and find someone else even though these people may not be the right choice nor at the right time and with no mutual benefits in sharing and growing an equally valuable relationship.

The opposite side of the scale where there is excess energy of Pericardium Yin moves people to being more reserved and closed. Finding it difficult to open their heart to others creates a sense of inadequacy especially when it comes to intimacy and this further creates a strong sense of separation and loneliness. Over time anger, resentment and blame are then projected onto others for their internal lacking.

Pericardium Yang

This spectrum of the Pericardium is more related to the communication of feelings in a timely manner (as discussed by Leon Hammer) to those who they feel strongly about. It is about accuracy, intensity and clarity in expressing their true self but more so to the right person at the right time. A deficiency of Pericardium yang represents the simple inability to express their feelings even though they may have sincere feelings of gratitude and love to those whom they intend it for. An excess of this energy moves people more toward those that talk a great deal but show little or take little to no action when the time is right. This in time also makes people feel inadequate and lonely and the desperate need to connect with others effectively creates anger and frustration.

As you can see the Pericardium and its correlating energetic component have an effect on the body and more so on the mind, the spirit and the emotional need for affection and connection. And any imbalance in the energy of the Pericardium from particularly broken relationships and past emotional traumas can cause a great deal of misperceptions, lack of clarity, insecurity and lack of true judgement especially in making the right choices on matters that play a crucial role in ones emotions, love and connection.

Regards, Dr. Sohial Farzam
Doctor of TCM

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References: Leon Hammer, Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies, 1990

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