[The Psychology of Disease] – Autoimmune Disease & Why your Body Attacks Itself?

Autoimmune Disease can have many hidden triggers. Some of these are – yeast, virus and bacterial infections, food allergens like wheat and gluten causing inflammation, heavy metals such as mercury, nutritional, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, poor gut permeability and lack of exercise. Of these, there is still an overlooked root problem giving rise to a dysfunction of the immune system and its consequent attack on the body.

Here’s my quick take on Autoimmune Disease based on my observation – you have to ask yourself why does your body attack itself? One reason is – you attack yourself first – in terms of holding onto anger, resentment, having poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, envy, jealousy, lack of confiding and believing in yourself – so when you do this, you are giving every reason for your body to go into a catabolic state or destructive metabolism (breakdown).

Your body can break down the moment you break down in view of your thoughts and sense of self. When you lose hope, so does your body. When you hate yourself, so does your body. When you stop believing in yourself, so does your body.

Your subconscious thoughts are more powerful than you can imagine. And it is your subconscious thoughts that are controlling you. How powerful is your subconscious? How about 40 million bits of data being processed per second compared to the conscious mind which processes at only 40 bits per second (according to Praxis in the US).

Your behaviours and habits are dictated by your subconscious mind. And you need to empower yourself at this level to become more empowered. You need to start taking control of your negativity and state of mind. You need to change certain behaviours and habits that are more aligned to you and your core self. You need to become more authentic to your core beliefs.

Ultimately you need to start loving yourself again. For why else would your body fight for you, and believe in you, if you have already given up on your body. Give your body a reason to fight for you!

Be present and show more gratitude, for when you are more grateful, you get more to be grateful for!

Regards Dr Sohial Farzam

(Doctor of TCM).

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