The will power in an individual derives from two functional aspects of the kidney energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys along with all other organs have a yin and yang component. The yin is often responsible for functional and physiological mechanics while the yang is the expression and power of this aspect. In terms of the will, this is the spiritual association of the kidney and it is controlled and expressed in balance if there is balance between the yin and yang.

The yang aspect of will power is the expression of oneself in terms of their life aspirations and goals and higher visions. The yin aspect is the substance that provides this drive/energy and it is also about the resilience and adaptability when facing challenges in life. This means that one must live in ‘awe of the universe’ (to paraphrase Albert Einstein), accepting that life (and the universe) is always in perfect balance and is governed by a higher source – the source of your creation.

Here, one can then move forward with great strength and will-power knowing that he or she can withstand the many adversities that life may bring and that these adversities are directly congruent and proportionate to ones level of conscious evolution. As Aristotle said “adversity introduces a man to himself”.

What often gets in the way of this balance, is Fear. Fear also being the emotion of the kidney overrides ones purpose and authenticity and disorientates an individual and therefore throws them off their path. This then has a consequential affect on their resilience. Living this way (in fear) consumes the kidney energy and affects the adrenal glands, which consequently over-stimulates and impacts its release and affect on adrenaline (fight or flight) causing great havoc on the system.

Both Fear and Faith have a common meaning. They both ‘assume’ or ‘anticipate’ what the future may bring. While most people choose to live in fear, it is wise choose to live with faith. The decision is yours.

Regards Dr. Sohial Farzam

(Doctor of TCM)

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