Most practitioners are very good at communicating the features of their services (or products) to their clients really well. Perhaps its how you have been taught, or perhaps its what you feel is right. This is a common occurrence in behavioural patterns of many salespeople too – focusing on the features of the service or product.

However, in business mindset and understanding human behaviour, you will find that communicating the features of your services are in fact not the reason your clients buy nor see you in the first place. When you talk all about the features, you are actually talking about yourself indirectly. This is at least how your clients perceive your service. Because all that is being conveyed verbally is feature based communication which is all about you and your services and none about your clients and the benefits to your clients.

This then leads to the art of Benefit-Oriented communication. These days, many practitioners (and salespeople) are more educated in sales conversion and therefore talk more about the ‘BENEFIT’ of the ‘feature’ of their service to their clients. Although this is currently an effective way of articulating your message to your clients in ‘how’ your services will benefit them, it is still missing a crucial link to be able to fully influence a positive change in your clients in way of making a buying decision. So this change is the decision for your clients to choose working and getting treated by you and no one else (your competitors).

This link is known as ‘quantifying value’ as mentioned by Victor Antonio (Author, Business Consultant). You see the benefits of your service (how it will help serve your clients) is qualitative value but the ADVANTAGES of the benefits of your service (quantifying value) to your clients is what really helps your clients make a clear and committed buying decision with you and your services. This method of helping your clients see the extended advantages of your services are closely linked to how and why humans buy in the first place – which is, humans buy on the perception of seeking an improvement in their life (Victor Antonio).

For example – a client seeks your services for back pain.

You tell your clients about your experience in treating back pain and your level of knowledge and expertise (features) and how you can help them relieve their back pain (benefit). The advantage (quantifying value) is communicating to your clients on how you ‘helping their back pain’, will allow them to be ‘more flexible’, ‘more mobile’, ‘less time off work’, ‘more time going to the gym’, ‘more active time with their families’, and so on and so on.

The real question is ‘how much is it COSTING your clients NOT to work with you’? The ADVANTAGE of your service will give you, your clients and your business the competitive advantage over anyone else.

Regards, Sohial Farzam


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