Treating Thoracic & Facial Conditions with Entry/Exit Points


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BRAND NEW ONLINE SEMINAR with Jonathan Shubs (Acupuncturist from Swiss) 

By popular demand, my friend and wildly talented practitioner from Swiss…Jonathan Shubs is back with a BRAND NEW seminar never done in Australia before…

Title: “Treating Thoracic and Facial Problems with Entry and Exit points”

Date: Monday 30th August 2021

Time: 6pm to 10pm AEST Melbourne Time

Where: Anywhere you wish as long as you have good internet (zoom event)

Recording: Yes, 3 month access.

3.5 CPD point certificate for 3.5 hours of teaching (no affiliation with associations)

Use the face to treat the thorax – use the thorax to treat the face.

How is this possible and why does it work?

There are many reasons for these two areas to have interactions with one and other.

All yin meridians either start or end in the thorax.

All yang meridians start or end in the face.

There is the image that is similar. These are just some of the reasons this works.

In this course we will use the entry and exit points coupled with the theory of midnight and midday to treat all affections that can be found in the face and thorax:

– headache, sinus problems, earache, tinnitus, facial paralysis
– palpitations, oppression in the chest, asthma, shingles in the rib cage, etc

Distal points on the legs and the arms will also be used to support the facial and thoracic points.

Learn to choose the most appropriate pairing of entry and exit points to distally and efficiently treat many affections such as:

– sinus problems
– tinnitus
– earache
– headache
– eye affections
– palpitations
– oppression in the chest

Use the Chinese Biorhythm Clock and its direct use of the 12 major meridians, to attend to many of the most common complaints of facial and thoracic from your patients seen in your practice.


1. If I can’t attend live will I receive a recording? – Yes, you will receive a recording for 3 months

2. Is this a CPD event? – CPD Point Certificate will be issued for 3.5 points equaling 3.5 hours of teaching.
Not affiliated with any association.

3. Is there a student price? – No. All our short seminars are very reasonable priced to cater for everyone.

4. How much is this event? – $196AUD

5. Is there a refund policy? – You may request a refund by writing anytime before 15th August 2021. After the 15th August 2021 you are entitled to 50% of the funds paid. On or after the event date 30th August 2021, there is no refunds or credit notes. 


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