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To The Point Workshop – An In Depth Analysis of our TOP 50 Acupuncture Points for Transformational Results
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Sunday – Sunday 23rd 2018
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Join Us In This Powerful AACMA Approved 1-Day Workshop And Learn The True Beauty And Depth Of Acupuncture Points For Transformational Results…And EARN 6.5CPD Points

We are Sohial and Hamish, long-term practitioners and lecturers with over 35+ years of combined experience in health and wellness with a specialised area of expertise in Acupuncture. Based on popular demand, we have created a workshop to discuss the features, actions, indications, combinations and in depth psycho-spiritual associations of our top 50 acupuncture points. The points we have chosen to discuss are a collection of the underused points from our experience from the many interactions we have had from our countless workshops we’ve conducted all around Australia (check out the points below).

For each point we will be discussing:

– Location and palpation methods of the point (using combinations of various methods ie: anatomical landmarks, feeling for depression, proportional measurements, patient sensitivity, intuition and temperature).
– Chinese Name and translation of the point and how it relates to the points functionality, location and application in clinical practice today.
– Analysis of the points specific functions and actions relating to disease, a deep insight into the psychology of acupoints and their relationship to psychoemotional and spiritual disorders, and the points uses in general clinical practice.
– Combinations of the above points and the energetic synergy created when combining the above points in clinical practice, to really boost your treatment results.
– Contraindications and red flags of the points.
– Needling techniques, moxa, cupping, electro and laser applications of the points related to its functions and actions.

Here are the points we will cover:

  • Head and Neck – Stomach 8, Stomach 7, Gall Bladder 4, Gall Bladder 20, Gall Bladder 13, Bladder 10,
  • Neck and Upper Back – Large Intestine 18, Large Intestine 16, Stomach 12,  Gall Bladder 21, Triple Heater 15, Small Intestine 12, Small Intestine 17
  • Chest – Lung 1, Lung 2, Liver 14, Gall Bladder 24, Spleen 21, Kidney 24
  • Back – Bladder 36, Bladder 47, Bladder 52, Bladder 54, Gall Bladder 28, Gall Bladder 30, Du 2, Du 3, Du 9, Du 10 and 11
  • Upper Limb – Large Intestine 5, Large Intestine 10, Lung 7,  Small Intestine 3, Pericardium 7, Heart 4
  • Lower Limb – Stomach 30, Stomach 34, Gall Bladder 31, Gall Bladder 34, Gall Bladder 39, Liver 5, Liver 8 & 9
  • Foot – Spleen 3, Spleen 5, Kidney 4, Kidney 6, Gall Bladder 40, Gall Bladder 41, Bladder 63As an extra BONUS – in order to thoroughly discuss  some of the above points we will also be discussing them in combination with many other points. So overall, you get much more than just 50 points.

What other practitioners have said about this workshop?

“I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. I feel like I have learned so much. Both Hamish and Sohial are a fountain of not only knowledge but wisdom. Hamish knows so much about the mechanics, aka Dr. Muscle. Sohial has a deep understanding about the spiritual, mental and emotional, aka Dr. Psyche.
I feel inspired to not only learn more but continue my personal development. My sincerest gratitude for your both for your time, energy & expertise and willingness to share. Looking forward to learning more”. – Michael Koda, Acupuncturist (Brisbane Aus)

“My experience over the last two days has been unbelievable.
The content and knowledge base from both Hamish and Sohial was so phenomenal and inspiring. Not only was it a great refresher from things I have learnt in the past, it opened and elaborated information for me to understand better. My personal growth was as fastest as Sohial talks.
Would not hesitate recommending this seminar to any practitioner. It bridges the gap from thousands of years of knowledge to todays society. The addition of Sohial’s psychological prowess completes the journey. Much appreciate the experience.
Keep up the great work”. – Grayson Fong, Acupuncturist (Sydney Aus)

Great to attend a presentation that isn’t limiting perspectives to what’s inside/outside the box. Encouragement to look at the piece of art that is TCM and see it as many ways as possible.
Great delivery pace and style”. – Jay, Acupuncturist & Tui Na Practitioner (Brisbane Aus)

“Like how it gets the essence of the emotional causes and how it has such practical applications. Clearly very experienced teachers, who take the true parls of TCM theory and bring it alive in a generative way”. – Graeme Hodges, Acupuncturist (Melbourne Aus)


You can call us with any questions you have on 1300 633 353 or 0448 025 292. Or you can send your questions and enquiries to Hamish and Sohial at

And remember all our workshops come with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

We are completely confident in our experience and our ability to deliver a powerful and moving experience for you. If the workshop doesn’t offer you extensive and new knowledge and a positive experience, then we will happily refund your full investment and say thank you for your feedback.
Look forward to sharing some powerful knowledge with you!


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