RECORDING: Master Tung Points – Pathomechanism & Analysis PART 1


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NEW SEMINAR hosted by NeedlePro Australia – RECORDING

Master Tung Points -Pathomechanism & Analysis
PART 1 of the Series – FACIAL Region Points

Recording Access – 3 months

Presenter: Ivan Zavala
L.Ac, continues the tradition of the scholar physician; researching the ancient classics for their applicability in the treatment of modern disease

The Master Tung tradition is one of exceptional clinical value.

Although a well-known system, its theoretical tenets are often left without clear elucidation.

The points themselves are seen as magical and working by unknown mechanisms.

In the practice of medicine, using something without a clear understanding of the underlying mechanism can lead to vague application and therefore results.

Without a systematic understanding of the underlying mechanism, the practitioner is forced to rely on recipes and protocols without an insight into the nature of the Tung tradition.

Every tradition in Chinese medicine is invariably rooted in principles from the Classics.

The illuminated application of any tradition, including the Tung lineage, is rooted in the Classical tradition.

In this series, Ivan Zavala, will explain the different regions and how the points therein have the mechanism of action they do.

In addition, diagnostic insight will be given so a point prescription is chosen with diagnostic precision to lead to the best clinical result possible.

Topics Covered:

  • Elucidation of 5 Zang diagnosis per the Classics
  • Explanation of Tung point mechanisms
  • Tung points as treatment principles
  • Classical diagnostic methodologies
  • Master Tung tradition from the perspective of the Classics

The first of the series begins with the Tung points in the facial region.

As these points are often little talked about, they will be the first to be analysed and meticulously dissected for a comprehensive insight of the mechanism of action.


Ivan Zavala, L.Ac, continues the tradition of the scholar physician; researching the ancient classics for their applicability in the treatment of modern disease. His clinical focus is the treatment of complex diseases and autoimmune conditions. Having the ability to read Classical Chinese has given him a unique ability to elucidate archaic aspects of Chinese medicine and integrate this understanding into the modern world. Ivan is an active participant in various medical and scholarly forums, having answered thousands of medical questions from various other physicians. He is a teacher at a Chinese medicine school in Chicago, teaching advanced clinical topics, and is founder of the forum Classical Chinese Medicine.


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