Psycho-Emotional Mastery – 2 Day Workshop PERTH

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Come and Join this Inspirational 2 Days and Change the way you look at Emotional Disorders Completely. 

 A complete and in-depth look at psycho-emotional and spiritual disorders and how to achieve Massive Breakthroughs with Your Clients and Personal Empowerment as a Practitioner. 

2 Day AACMA Approved Workshop – 13CPD Points
PERTH 1st and 2nd December 2018
Time: 10am to 5:30pm
Perth Venue: Quest Scarborough, 4 Brighton Road, WA 6019

– Do you know the true definition of the word emotion?
– Are we born with default emotions? Or are they acquired and conditioned?
– Why was there only one general category of mental disorders in the 1840s but with the introduction of the DSM (currently with version 5) there are 297? Strange?
– What if stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions are the body’s intelligent response to something more profound?
– What does Neijing, Lingshu/Su Wen have to say about emotions?
– How does trauma affect our body and physiology? How does it shape our personality and beliefs? How can we help clients release trauma?
– What are the neuroscientific, physiological, psychological, pharmacological implications with emotional imbalances?
– Where does the 8 Extraordinary channels come into play? And to what extent?
– Are there herbs, vitamins, supplements that can offer optimum treatment outomes? What are the implications of environmental toxins?

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  • The evolution of consciousness and the universe
  • The hierarchy of human values and the drive for fulfilment
  • The laws and prerequisites of a healer according to TCM
  • The classic texts on emotional mastery and living at the level of the soul
  • The brain in TCM and its response to change and quantum healing
  • A comprehensive analysis of the 5 Spirits (Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi and Hun)
  • The science of pain and emotional trauma and its impact on the body
  • The miraculous life changing powers of the 8 extraordinary channels
  • The yin and yang of organs and how they determine personality traits


  • The miraculous life changing powers of the 8 extraordinary channels and resolving chronic and even generational trauma
  • A comprehensive look at stress, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, grief, PTSD (TCM/Western models)
  • The psycho-emotional and metaphysical cause of the most commonly occurring diseases
  • A comprehensive analysis of the psycho-spiritual functions of 50 most commonly used acupuncture points for emotional empowerment
  • Diagnostic understanding – channel palpation, tongue, pulse, facial, eyes, skin colour etc
  • Handling client transformations and negative emotional reactions to treatment, tools to help clients help themselves, nutritional and supplementation for higher consciousness, needling techniques, herbs, case studies and much more…

What practitioners have to say about Sohial’s workshops?

“Sohial is truly the authority in the field of Psycho-Emotional disorders. Not only is his TCM knowledge unparalleled in this area, but his Western interpretation of the emotions and their relationships to brain chemistry perfectly meshes the TCM and WSM side of the emotions together. A passionate and clear presenter, Sohial leaves you completely inspired and armed with all the tools you need to tackle the toughest of Psycho-Emotional cases presented in your clinic”.

  • Hamish Reid Acupuncturist/Lecturer/Speaker, Melbourne 

Sohial goes where few acupuncturists venture – straight to the emotional disharmony that accompanies many (if not all) clinical presentations. His insight and knowledge into the spiritual aspects of the points and presenting issues is superb and highly insightful. His ability to describe neurological links and TCM psycho0emotional analyses of cases are fascinating and inspiring.  

It’s clear that Sohial has done extensive research and study into the emotional nature of illnesses from a TCM background. He is very passionate to share his work and help each practitioner to understand these concepts. If you get the chance to attend one of his seminars I highly recommend it! “

  • Kate Pennington Acupuncturist, Warrnambool

I just spent 2 of the most inspiring days learning about psycho-emotional conditions from a true expert in the field. Sohial brought a whole new depth of understanding the emotions in a way I’d never knew before and certainly nothing I learnt at uni, or after 16 years in practice from other seminars.  

The integration of psychology, human behaviour and TCM was dynamic and profound not to mention the addition of neuroscience and quantum physics. Sohial presents with great enthusiasm and humour to make such an in depth topic easy to relate to and understand. This is cutting edge material and nothing like I’ve heard before. I would highly recommend Sohial’s workshop to anyone who has an interest in psycho emotional conditions or simply to gain a deeper insight into the psyche.”

  • Savoula Zakis, Acupuncturist, Melbourne

Sohial brings light to the void of knowledge not often taught at schools. Since his seminars I have felt the growing need to learn about the crucial connection between emotions and the physical body. The topics on which Sohial speaks are captivating, thought provoking and definitely a way of the future- I just wish I could remember everything he said – my notepad wasn’t big enough!. With practical examples, exceptional knowledge and a true passion which resonates from his speaking, Sohial is guaranteed to inspire. Guaranteed to inspire you to learn more, to help more people and even to become a better human being yourself! – Highly recommended”

  • Emma Snare, Acupuncturist, Sydney


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Look forward to sharing some powerful knowledge with you!


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