Sohial Farzam – Pillars of Mastery 16 Week Mentoring

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Online Event – 16 Week Mentoring with Sohial Farzam

Alternating between 1 x Week Video Recording Teaching Module & 1 x Week LIVE Q & A

This is Sohial Farzam’s signature mentoring program for self development and business growth mastery.

Specifically formulated and tailored for the health and wellness industry.

The training places the focus on empowerment, freedom, optimal performance and inspiration doing what you love.

Sohial’s training, at its core is life (self-development and awareness) and business development concepts. And within both life and business concepts lay the fundamentals of human behaviour to help you understand how humans behave (yourself included) in life and around business practices.

The program is designed to maximise your capacity. To break you free from stagnation and clutter. To activate the leader within you. And ultimately, it’s a no brainer that the outcome will be based on high client bookings, higher retention rates, higher revenue and more important higher profits (if the methods are applied).

Where: Anywhere in the world with Internet (this is an online ZOOM event).

You will receive a unique link for each video recorded module week by week to watch at your own pace and then there will be a LIVE online Q&A the following week and so on for 16 weeks.

When: Starting on 29th March 2021

Time: Module links for video recordings will be sent at 8am AEST (Melbourne Time). You can watch it as many times as you want.

Price: Special Online Offer of $1500 Per Month for 4 months (All prices are in AUD)
TOTAL $6000 – SAVE $3000

Pay in FULL UPFRONT and SAVE an EXTRA $1000 – Total $5000AUD – ENDS 1st March 2021

For upfront payment option, please use coupon code “pomupfront”

Full Price will be $9000

Instalment Structure for $6000 over 4 months (all instalments we will be directed debited by credit card):

1st Instalment- $500 Deposit, and $1000 before or on 29th March 2021 (This is the first instalment)
2nd Instalment – $1500 on 26th April 2021
3rd Instalment – $1500 on 31st May 2021
4th Instalment – $1500 on 28th June 2021

The monthly price of enrolment will be going UP on the 1st March to 29th March WEEKLY by $150

So if you enrol before the 1st march, then you SECURE the $1500 per month for 4 months price (until completion), then:

If you enrol from 1st March – 7th March – Monthly price will be $1650
If you enrol from 8th March – 14th March – Monthly price will be $1800
If you enrol from 15th March – 21st March – Monthly price will be $1950
If you enrol from 22nd March – 28th March – Monthly price will be $2100

And from 29th March (which will be the starting date of the program, the program price to enrol will be $2250 per month until completion (Total price $9000). PLEASE NOTE: The monthly instalment amounts will vary depending on your time of enrolment.

Topics Covered:

Module 1 (week 1)– PERSONAL & Mindset EMPOWERMENT – playing a bigger game in your life and business
Week 2 – Q&A and Implementation
Module 2 (week 3) – Emotional Liberation, building confidence, building trust and rapport
Week 4 – Q&A and Implementation
Module 3 (Week 5) – Leadership Principles for a Successful Health Practitioners – 5 Levels of ascending the leadership scale
Week 6 – Q&A and Implementation
Module 4 – (Week 7) – Business Growth Structures and Systems, methods, systemising the 6 primary business systems
Week 8 – Q&A and Implementation
Module 5 (Week 9) – Personality Traits of human Behaviour & Listening Skills applied to client interaction
Week 10 – Q&A and Implementation
Module 6 (Week 11) – Identifying Ideal Clients, Unique Selling Proposition, Competition Analysis, Finding your Niche, Email marketing structure and psychology
Week 12 – Q&A and Implementation
Module 7 (Week 13) – Advanced Selling and Systemising the Consultation Process & Script, enhancing the qualification process, introduction to Facebook marketing and psychology
Week 14 – Q&A and Implementation
Module 8 (Week 15) – Handling Objections and Selling with Conviction – helping clients see the bigger picture
Week 16 – Q&A and Implementation

BONUS 1 – First Month (4 Weeks) GUARANTEE – If you don’t resonate with my work, you can have a full refund of funds paid
BONUS 2 – Full Video Training on Email Marketing – showing you my screen and how to set up your email campaigns, automate your sales sequence and craft compelling newsletters
BONUS 3 – Full video training on Facebook Marketing Foundations – this is more of a structure and marketing psychology of Facebook marketing
BONUS 4 – Full Video Training on Copywriting – writing emotionally compelling advertisement through all your marketing
BONUS 3 – 1x 3 Further Coaching Calls for 3 months (once a month) after completion of the program

Please Note: The teaching modules will be sent as video recorded trainings and Q&A’s will be live online via zoom.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there CPD certificates?
  2. Is there a student price?
  3. Can student’s enrol?
    Yes but preferably if you are closer to graduation e.g. at least in your final year.
  4. Is this the best price and is the price in AUD?
    The BEST price is paying upfront where you will get an extra $1000 OFF the entire program so your total will be $5000AUD. The second most affordable way is securing your spot at the $1500 per month price point before it goes up as per the dates outlined above. This will make your total of your enrolment $6000AUD. For this option follow the “Instalment Structure for $6000 over 4 months ” ABOVE. 

    Sohial has been delivering this program for $9000 for the past 6 years. This is the lowest price it has ever been (e.g. the $1500 monthly or $5000 upfront).

  5. Is this only for acupuncturists or other health practitioners? 
    This is for all health and wellness practitioners, trainers, business owners. if you have a non-health business and are still interested, please email and discuss if this is appropriate for you.
  6. How can I pay? 
    By credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. For instalment payment options, the funds will be set up by automatic direct debit
  7. How do I pay the instalments?
    The instalments are direct debited from your credit card that you will allocate for payment. We will not be running around chasing people up for the instalment amounts. Direct debit makes things much easier and smoother.
  8. Do I need to sign anything?
    Yes, upon registration, you will be sent an agreement form to be completed. You cannot start the program without a signed agreement form.
  9. I’m working on other passive, online businesses, does this program help other businesses outside of health industry?
    This is an advanced program and the mechanics and strategies have been applied successfully in other industries such as Modelling, Construction, Carpentry, real-estate, telecommunication and more.
  10. Do you have any testimonials?
    Plenty. Too many to attach here. If you want testimonials before enrolling, please send an email to
  11.  Is there an assurance policy if I don’t resonate with the content? 
    Yes, you can enrol and if you don’t resonate with the content, you can ask for a refund. This can only be approved if refund is requested is within the first 4 weeks of training and in writing. No later than 20th April. Refund of funds paid will be returned within 7 days.
  12. Is the enrolment for only 1 person or can we enrol as a group or more than one person?
    The registration ticket is STRICTLY for 1 person. If you have a partner or a group of practitioners etc, please email sohial at to see if he can help out with a special offer. This is primarily for Sohial to give you as much personal help and focus on your business model and goals as possible.


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