Online Seminar – Interaction And The Movement of Emotions


5 Elements with 4 Needle SAAM Acupuncture to Treat Emotions

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Unified Acupuncture Theory Presents: Interaction & The Movement of Emotions

Using the 5 Elements with 4 Needle Saam Technique to treat emotional challenges

Presenter: Jonathan Shubs (Swiss Acupuncturist)
Host: Sohial Farzam

When: 29th March 2021
Time: 6pm AEST (Melbourne Australia) – 4 HOUR EVENT
Where: Anywhere with an internet connection (online event)

Price – $196AUD

CPD Points Pending with AACMA and NZ Acupuncture

If you can’t attend LIVE – you will receive a recording for 4 weeks.

We have a tendency to view emotions as only being in excess and problematic.

Emotions themselves are neither positive nor negative.

They are movements of energy in the body are there to initiate a response to the environment.

In this course, we will look at the functions of each emotion and how we can help the body to find a dynamic balance with the qi of the emotions.  We will do this by tonifying or sedating a Yin or Yang channel with ONLY 4 POINTS.

Course Objective: 

  • Understand the function of each emotion and how it is related to the 5 Elements
  • The technique for tonifying or sedating using 5 element 4 Needle approach
  • When to tonify or sedate a particular emotion

Course Breakdown:

  • Introduction
  • What are emotions in TCM?
  • Metal Sadness
  • Water Fear
  • Wood Anger
  • Fire Joy
  • Thinking Earth
  • Imagining Heaven
  • Thinking and Imagining Heaven & Earth
  • Conclusion


1. If I can’t attend live will I receive a recording? – Yes, you will receive a recording for 4 weeks

2. Is this a CPD event? – CPD Points with AACMA and NZ Acupuncture is pending. All other attendees will receive a certificate of attendance

3. Is there a student price? – No.

4. How much is this event? – $196

5. Is there a refund policy? – You may request a refund by writing anytime before 21st March 2021. After the 21st March 2021. you are entitled to 50% of the funds paid. On or after the 29th March 2022, there is no refunds or credit notes. 


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