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Book: In Demand, The Health Professionals Guide To A Winning Practice

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The Health Professionals Guide To A Winning Practice


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In their new book, In Demand, Hamish and Sohial are offering a bold new approach to a wining practice by simply asking one question – what are one’s inner values?

You will gain a tonne of valuable and practical knowledge to help you with the tools you need to easily achieve a six- or even a seven-figure income for those who want to take their existing business to a whole new level.

Here’s a short preview of what you will get out of this book:

– Break the psychological barriers that are preventing you from really growing your heath practice, particularly those that block you from receiving money.

– Learn key mindset empowerment strategies to unlock your hidden fortune.

– Learn how to set clear and strategic goals to overcome your deep fears that are holding you back from exiting your comfort zone.

– Overcome your core fears, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence and enthusiasm, and understand how your self-image is directly proportionate to your bank balance, client levels, and clinic success.

– The tools to charge enough to fund your lifestyle, your goals, and your dreams.

– The secret to identifying your target market as a health professional.

– Making a promise to your clients, allowing you to stand out from the saturated market of other health professionals.

– How to craft your area of specialty to focus on what you love treating and be handsomely rewarded for it.

Here’s the Contents Page:

About the Authors:
Hamish Reid and Sohial Farzam have successfully created and managed a number of their own businesses, and have used this knowledge to introduce several seminars and workshops Australia wide. Their unique blend of training and experience makes the edition of In Demand-The Health Professionals Guide To A Winning Practice essential reading for anyone who wants immediately boost their client numbers, get clear on their ultimate business vision, improve their productivity, learn to enjoy marketing their practice and dramatically increase their revenue and attain a winning entrepreneurial mindset.

Industry Reviews:

“This new book meets an important need for practitioners who want to build their business, whether they are new graduates or veteran practitioners. Typically, undergraduate and even post-graduate education for health practitioners focuses on the how to treat patients. However, the skills required to establish, build and maintain a thriving practice are frequently not part of this professional education and training.The tone and language of this book is very conversational and approachable, and the step-by-step guide from values to goals to business plans is well-organised and easy to follow. At a time when some practitioners are struggling and demoralised, this book is exactly what they need to help them re-evaluate the vision that started them on their healing journey, then turn these inspirational values into goals and business plans.”

– Dr John McDonald, PhD.



In Demand, The Health Practitioner’s Guide to a Winning Practice, goes far beyond what you might expect from a book about building a successful practice.  Sohial and Hamish take us to a deep and meaningful place, guiding us to get to the heart of why we practice and to align our values with our goals.  When our values are aligned with our goals, we can truly practice with purpose. This is the most profound place from which to practice and is the foundation to a successful, thriving business. This book is a must read for all healthcare providers! 


Joshua Swart, M.S., Dipl. Ac., L.Ac.
Chinese Medicine That Works, Ltd.
Clear Path to Success Professional Development, LLC



“What I liked about this book is that the authors speak about two rarely explored subjects: the clarity of your goals and the concept of attracting those who value your services. This book lays the foundation for bringing understanding to both so that practitioners don’t wander aimlessly from week to week. I highly recommend this work for all health professionals.”

-Dr. Anthony J. Lombardi
Hamilton, CANADA


“In Demand- The Health Professionals’ Guide To A Winning Practice” delivers an empowering account and perspective on how to change your mindset, set goals and achieve success. This book is an excellent resource to students, graduates, educators, and practitioners wishing to start a business, or anyone wishing to create change in their lives. I particularly enjoyed the section on setting goals, and how to manifest what you desire by writing your goals. Graduates, this book will teach you the tools to remove obstacles such as fear, self-sabotage and old programs that no longer serve you. I highly recommend this book. The authors provide an in-depth analysis of how to run a successful business and attract and keep your clients, which often glossed over in the curriculum.


– Nic Andronaco
Torrens University Australia, Senior lecturer, Program Coordinator, Chinese Medicine



“If you want to become a better version of yourself everyday both in your personal and professional life, I encourage YOU to read In Demand, The Health Practitioners Guide To A Winning Practice. This book will help you to achieve more than what you ever thought was possible. Hamish and Sohial share their successful techniques, scenarios and procedures that are extremely relatable and applicable to daily life, clinical practice and business.”

– Nicole Lempick, Chiropractor



“This book is a real win for every health practitioner who wants to bring not only their business, but also their personality and quality of life to the next level. Focusing on getting active and being self responsible, reaching your goals is only a step away after reading this inspiring book. Multiple ready-to-use advice as well as economic and psychological views complete this guide to  grow your business and private life. Sohial Farzam is not only a great practitioner of Chinese Medicine, but also a successful businessman, communicator and marketing strategist.“

– Dr. med. univ. Daniel Schoepf  (GP, Acupuncturist) Austria



In Demand – Here’s proof that successful practice books just get better and better.  We have moved from the put your card in the health food shop advice of the 1980’s to this insightful, readable and engaging manual on success – not just for your practice but for life itself. Deserves a place on everyone’s shelf.

– Charles Buck – Veteran UK practitioner, author and educator of TCM



“For Chinese medicine and health and wellness practitioners setting out in practice that aspire to help more people and become more, “In Demand” is a god-send!
There is so much practical information within these pages-whether it be profound philosophy of WHY you are in business and how to improve your business and self through to tactful objection management and reactivation/marketing strategies, this book has it all.
This book provides the strategies to succeed in business and personal life that are simply not taught at university. Having tried and tested these principles over 5 years now, I consider this PRIORITY READING for new-grad and seasoned business owners alike!”

Dr Andrew Romano, Acupuncturist

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