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“The Client Relationship – How to Build, Profile, Engage & Create Repeat Business With Your Clients” – Author Sohial Farzam

If you are a very skilled practitioner, that is a practitioner/therapist possessing great technical skills, but are lacking in building client relationships and understanding the true inner nature of your clients, then you need to read this ebook.

One of the common weaknesses in practitioners is their lack of understanding personality traits of potential buyers (clients). Its one thing being great at diagnosis and determining patterns of syndromes but not understanding the finer traits in ones behaviour, actions, choices, demeanour, their process in making decisions and ultimately how to get them to relate to you effectively makes all the difference.

Learning about the different personality traits opens up your communication and more importantly creates deeper connection so that you can help your clients share their more innate concerns and not just superficial symptoms.

You will also learn how to truly relate and resonate with different personalities especially the types of personalities that make you feel intimidated and timid while feeling insecure about your expert practitioner status and the many health instructions you offer your clients. This leads to better outcomes for your clients, great results for you as a practitioner and ultimately more revenue for your business when you know how to increase your selling ‘your services’ experience.

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