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Double Head Dermal Hammer

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A versatile tool that is effective to use on superficial layer of the skin without leaving scars. Reduces fine lines of wrinkles, increase collagen production and is well known for treating alopecia.

Dermal Hammer – Double head 7 Star Needle

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Dermal Hammer also known as the 7 star needle or plum blossom needle is a great tool with so many uses. With a durable and flexible handle and stainless 7 needle head, this tool is highly underused among practitioners and yet provides fantastic treatment outcomes.

The key to using this dermal hammer effectively is to create a nice and flowing hand movement so that the tapping is smoothly hitting the superficial layer of the skin without interruption. This creates a more dynamic technique and less discomfort for the client.

Dermal hammers can be used on fine superficial spider veins, some scars or wrinkles as it may affect collagen production, tight muscles with a purple hue on the skin, on the scalp for cases like alopecia (acute hair loss) as well as many more uses.

1 x Single Disposable Dermal Hammers


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