DongBang Long Type Pad

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DongBang long disposable pads for wet (bleeding) cupping

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A nice and simple innovative product to supplement the major function of our DongBang disposable cups (DB310). The Dongbang short and long type pads are simply used by rolling them and placing them inside the disposable cup before application to absorb the blood when doing wet (bleeding) cupping.

This is a major bonus to the disposable cups as it extensively absorbs the blood preventing leakage and spill of blood upon releasing the cup after use.

Available in short and long pads.
Short pads can be applied to the smaller sizes (such as size 3, 4 and 5) and Long pads can be applied to size 1 and 2.

Each single pack comes with 5 disposable pads.

Here’s a video link to the product demonstrating the difference in managing the blood with the disposable cups on its own and when using the pads inside (Video time 1:19min):


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