DB253 DongBang Moxa Device

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DB253 DongBang Moxa Device for Charcoal Moxa Cone
Another great innovative add on pair to the charcoal moxa cones is this very exclusive Screw type moxa device holder.

The level of height can control the intensity of the heat with the screw action of the device.

The device has a mesh in the middle to allow the moxa heat to be transferred through to the skin as well as to act as protection for any loose hot moxa particles to fall through to the skin.

This device also comes with a rubber belt which can be secured around the abdomen, which you can place more than one device at the same time to cover a wider area for application.

1 Device and 1 Belt
(Suitable for the DB250 Charcoal Moxa Cones – Sold Separately)


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