DB250 Charcoal Moxa Cone

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DB250 Charcoal Moxa Cone
A first of its kind in the Australian market!
The is a very uniquely treated and shaped moxa cone which produces a moxa charcoal that works different to standard and traditional moxa products. This procedure uses oven baking to remove smoke, tar, and odour.

To enhance its effect, the moxa charcoal is coated with a special compound comprising of Bio-Clay, Jade, Germanium and Bio Ceramic. The Moxa cone will reach its effective temperature in around 5 minutes.

The moxa cones will last up to 20 to 25minutes

An innovative product to replace the traditional messy moxa box which produces a great deal of smoke and offensive odour.

55 pieces per package
(Suitable for the DBDB253 Moxa Device – Sold Separately)


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