DB100 Spring Metal Acupuncture Needle 100

$9.30 exc. tax

1 to 5 Boxes = $9.30 Each
6-10 Boxes = 8.95 Each
SAVE 3.7%
11-29 Boxes = $8.35 Each SAVE 10%
30+ Boxes = $7.75 Each SAVE 16.5%

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DB100 Spring Metal Handle Needle with Insertion Tube (Single)

DongBang’s prized product – these are SUPER KOREAN quality needles with AMAZING value. They have greater receptivity and control upon both insertion and manipulation and a higher level of comfort for your patients with smooth insertion.

Single needle with insertion tube.
Sterile and single use with surgical grade stainless steel.
Great value of high quality, smooth and sharp needles.
For those who prefer to use the guide tube for needling

Box of 100.

After 5 years of maintaining our regular prices for you, we have made a slight change to our pricing structure to reflect increasing costs, production and shipping. But rest assured, we’ve still managed to keep our prized needle product the most affordable needle product for the quality and value you are receiving. 


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