3 Day Workshop – 8X Brisbane

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The Celestial Realm of Human Intelligence
A Journey of self-exploration through the transcendence of Jing to Shen

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8X – The Celestial Realm of Human Intelligence
A Journey of self-exploration through the transcendence of Jing to Shen

BRISBANE – 25th to 27th October 2019
Venue: To be Advised
AACMA CPD Points Pending

An in depth look at the 8 Extraordinary Channels to Transcend Extraordinary Trauma and Self-Cultivation

This workshop is a complete integration of every major theory and work that is currently available on the 8 Extraordinary vessels.

As most practitioners agree, we weren’t educated on these channels very well during our uni days. In fact, Sohial often states that in his time, he was advised not to use the 8 extras very much due to the fact that we are tapping into our inner and primal resource…”so better leave them alone”.

To an extent this makes sense, for example if we use the 8 extras on the general day to day ailments just because they do offer profound effects, this can drain and use up quality essence in the body.

However, when it comes to serious conditions especially in the area of Sohial’s work being psycho-emotional and spiritual imbalances, it is specifically these 8 extra channels that needs to be tapped into for maximum and long-term transformation.

But again, as most practitioners would often agree, even with the more serious of medical conditions, we were not taught very well on how to approach and apply the use of these channels in real life clinical practice. And that’s a big shame…

Due to the frustration of not knowing much about such a clinical marvel we have in our tool box and how to use them, Sohial started to apply them more often than not as he dedicated his work to making sure he knows the ins and outs of these literally “extraordinary channels”.

Sohial now uses the 8 Extraordinary channels as one of his primary tools when working with clients with mental health challenges and in particular long standing emotional trauma especially from childhood.

So Sohial welcomes you on a 3 day journey to explore the magnificence and power of these amazing channels and how to apply them in real life clinical practice with psycho-emotional and spiritual conditions.

Over a powerful, transformational and inspiring 3 days, we will learn:

  • The Evolution of Consciousness
  • 8 Extras History and Theory
  • Evolutionary and Transformational Dynamics
  • Constitutional & Personality Energetics
  • Matter (ego) vs. Consciousness (Love)
  • Trauma, Energy-Verse and the way of Heaven
  • Unfolding of Fate and Destiny
  • The cycle of ying qi and the extraordinary organs
  • The relationship between the Extraordinary channels and the Extraordinary Fu Organs
  • Emotional Trauma and the Expression of the 8 Extras
  • Quantum Physics, 8 Extras & Enlightenment
  • 8 Extras and Conception, Birthing & Birth Trauma
  • Comprehensive Analysis of each Channel and its impact for Emotional Trauma and Empowerment
  • Psycho-Emotional Analysis of Channels & Associated Points
  • Needling Methods & Point Selection
  • LIVE Case Studies and Clinical Applications

With Sohial’s deep background interest in human behaviour, psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and overall emotional and self empowerment, this workshop offers a complete, wholistic and integrated approach to the study of the 8 Extraordinary Channels.

Hope you will join the journey into the celestial realm of human intelligence…


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