Searching for Acupuncture Press Needles in Australia? NeedlePro Connects You with the Right Products

One of the most beautiful aspects of acupuncture is its holistic approach to the body. Each part of one’s self is important, and everything must be in relative harmony. As a result, there is often a need to deviate from the most traditional acupuncture points. Some clients, for example, may wish to undergo acupuncture of the ear or another body point that requires “pinpoint” accuracy without sacrificing the ability to conduct a gentle insertion. Is your office in need of a reliable supply of quality needles for ear acupuncture and other, similar services? At NeedlePro, we have just what you need — DongBang 130 acupuncture press needles. Those in Australia can now enjoy securing an affordable, consistent supply of these versatile and useful needles.

Licensed and registered for use in Australia, press needles can prove to be a valuable addition to your supply cabinet. Created with the acupuncture practitioner in mind, DongBang supplies a reliable product with several features that make them far more user-friendly and appropriate for your sessions. Beyond the surgical-grade stainless steel used to create them, they also offer other advantages. Consider what those are and how they can help you improve each client’s experience.

What you’ll experience with our acupuncture press needles

Each tiny needle features a design meant to help them blend with the client’s skin by using a flesh-toned backing. Simply peel the adhesive backing away and avoid touching the needle surface to prevent contamination. Then marvel at how quickly they insert — your clients won’t even notice! The well-manufactured steel needle boasts excellent uniformity to make each insertion as easy as the last. To smooth out the process, we suggest using tweezers to make placement as precise as possible.

With two available sizes, you can select needles that will work well in very tight spaces. Because the actual needle itself is so small and the backing is flexible, you will maintain plenty of room to manoeuvre the needles into place. Removal is just as simple, with the backing providing an easy way to grip and remove the needle altogether. With these on hand, you can choose to expand your services and offer different forms of acupuncture based on a client’s requirements.

Take the stress out of resupplying your clinic with NeedlePro

While acupuncture press needles may be more of a niche item that will not always see daily use in your clinic, they do prove advantageous for several specific procedures. In some cases, you may even choose to apply press needles for use in between sessions as a form of continuous acupuncture. With the quality of the products we provide on hand, you can extend your services and please your clients at the same time. We’re so confident you will enjoy using these needles that we offer a money-back guarantee — if you don’t like the product, just let us know. Reach us with your questions on 1300 633 353.