Disposing of Needles: Finding Suppliers for Compliant Sharps Containers in Australia

Running an acupuncture clinic successfully means managing many different elements simultaneously, from attracting new clients to maintaining a clean and inviting space in which to practice this ancient art. An essential part of that latter element is safety. After all, you do work in an environment where needles are one of the primary tools you use every day! At the end of a session, the needles you remove from a client must be considered contaminated. You can’t just throw them in with the regular garbage, though; not only is it unsafe to place needles in an unsecured container, but they could potentially communicate an illness. For that reason, a needle container for your practice is mandatory.

A sharp container is simple enough on its own, designed as a safe way to store contaminated or biohazardous needles after use. At NeedlePro, we make it easy to procure the type of sharps containers you need in Australia. Mindful of the necessary standards for these products, we’ve sourced only the items we’d trust to use in our own acupuncture sessions. As your sharps container suppliers in Australia, we can also provide your clinic with a wide variety of other supplies, such as disinfecting alcohol swabs and even a supplies. With that said, once you install a needles container, it is vital to use it appropriately.

Always use proper procedure when handling a sharps container

After placing a needle container in your office in Australia, develop the habit of immediately discarding any needles that have touched another individual into the container. The tops of these containers make it straightforward to drop them in without concerns for tipping and spilling. The self-locking mechanism means it is complicated to open the container accidentally. No one wants to deal with a floor covered with tiny acupuncture needles, after all! Keep your container close by so you don’t experience the temptation to stack needles or hold on to too many during the removal process.

Once the container is full, just replace it with a new sharps container and send the full unit off for disposal. Consider the potential value of purchasing several sharps containers at once. This way, when one needle container is finally full, you won’t need to wait for a new shipment to arrive to continue providing a safe, clean experience for clients.

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With the right sharps container on hand, disposal of used needles becomes safer, faster, and a second-nature part of your routine during sessions. At NeedlePro, we’ve used our personal experiences as practitioners of acupuncture to source the best and most convenient products, from the needles themselves to these sharps containers. Compliant with all current Australian standards, you can trust them to hold up for years of use in an acupuncture setting.

Equip your business with the appropriate safety measures and make a connection with sharp container suppliers in Australia today. View our available products, or contact us directly for a thorough discussion of all our products.