The Love & Fear Connection on Health

The human psyche is in balance and strives to keep and maintain this balance but the human awareness because of its filter mechanism, can often go out of balance due to your perceptions creating a state of imbalance and consequently a physiological and or pathological imbalance.

The brain is responsible for the regulation of the chemical composition of the blood (L, Hammer) . This regulation is linked to our perceptions (mind) and emotions. When you have perceptions of love and gratitude, the brain releases oxytocin (a love hormone that supports growth and metabolism), serotonin and growth hormone. So your body is in constant change, efficiently adapting to your environment and evolving proportionate to your conscious evolution and level of intelligence.

However, when you are living in a state of constant fear, hatred and holding onto pain, resentment and anger, the brain releases stress hormones such as cortisol, norepinephrine and histamine which work to shut down this growth and expansion, so the body consequently goes into breakdown and thus inhibits the optimal functioning of the immune system, exacerbating the current imbalance and disease.

Any imbalanced perceptions from your past (or present) toward pain and trauma can accompany you in your future and it is futile that you work with your body and not against it, if you wish for your body to fight for you and not destroy you.

The easiest (yet at the same time the hardest) way to bring your awareness back to balance is to ask yourself – How did this pain or trauma serve me? What was the blessing? What was the hidden lesson? What did I learn from the experience? How will it help me in my future endeavours?

Remember this, one of the most powerful abilities you have as a human is the power to change your thoughts and attitude by changing what goes into your thoughts and attitude. Perhaps think about using this innate gift.

The beauty of Chinese Medicine is that this entire concept is so beautifully displayed in each phase of the elemental cycle with your Water (Kidney) and Fire (Heart) phase playing perhaps the most crucial role – identifying your purpose (Kidney) and your drive (Heart). When you are aligned to your purpose, you have drive and your ability to tackle any such challenges become an opportunity for growing rather than a barrier that initiates decaying.

Regards, Sohial Farzam.

Reference: Leon Hammer, Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies, Eastland Press, 2010

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