Why should I choose you?

What would your answer be if a potential client asked you this question? It can be quite intimidating, over-powering and of course challenging. But this question does not need to be so challenging. In fact, with a competitor in every corner, your prospects have every right to ask you this question. People will always look for the best deal. Better yet, people will always look for the best solution.

Understanding how to approach such tough questions requires you to be comfortable with the concept of Selling (or Sales) in business. If you don’t know much about selling, you will answer this question like every one of your fellow competitors – that is, “Because I’m great, I’m experienced, I’m the best out there, I’m an expert” etc etc. These kinds of phrases are used by people who are not experienced in Sales. Your prospects ask you this question because they want to know how you can help them. But all they here is how great you are. Of course this is important and they genuinely want to know if you are an expert, however their primary reason of asking you this question is to see if you can fulfil their core needs by offering them a specific solution to their problem, not a one way dialogue about how good you are.

As a lecturer in Chinese Medicine and business consultant here in Australia for the past 13 years, my graduating students have always been concerned with how to get more familiar with running a business let alone selling their services. And unfortunately the curriculum for many course programs does not teach business principles and definitely no actual sales training. The topic of Selling is a sensitive one especially for health practitioners. Selling brings about feelings and thoughts of manipulation, anxiety, being overly pushy and in extreme cases possibly even deception. However, it is important to remember that nothing in life takes place until something is sold. Either you’re being sold, or clients are being sold. But whether you like it or not, a sale does take place. Either your clients invest in you or they walk away. Thats the nature of our everyday transaction with our clients.

In my opinion, the best way to tackle a question like the above is with a statement that explains and falls on the fundamentals of business rules – that which is to solve peoples problems. Remember people don’t buy your services they buy your SOLUTIONS. They are always invested in themselves first, not you. So what I would consider saying to that question would be what Sales leader Ari Galper would say like the following: “Well I’m not necessarily sure that you should choose me. How about we work out what problem/issue you are facing and need help with (to solve), and see if I can offer you a solution to that problem. If we are a good fit, then we can work together, if not, I can recommend someone who can help”. (Ari Galper)

This reassures your clients in two ways:

1. You’re honest and you do not try to sell yourself quickly in defence mode, and

2. You’re displaying that you are more concerned about the needs of your clients than making the actual sale.

The question in topic is not necessarily a proposed objection but it does carry the same emotional triggers to a potential objection (being feelings of hesitancy, defeat, withdrawal, anxiety and so on). Due to these kinds of reactions, practitioners (or any business owner for that matter) can get quite defensive and they can either retaliate with arrogance or retreat with submission. Either act disorientates people and they lose their authenticity and natural ability to connect with people.

Handling objections and learning how to better sell your services is a science and everyone who wants to spread their message, use their skills to help people and offer great value in the best interest of others should develop there skill of selling and handling objections.

If you want to learn more about how to better sell your services, handle objections and consequently increase your business performance especially as health practitioners, check out some of my other related articles and videos on this blog forum.

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Regards, Sohial Farzam

Reference: Ari Galper, Unlock the Game.

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