The Importance of Consistent Quality When Choosing Hand or Face Acupuncture Needles in Australia

Every professional relies on different tools to accomplish their job, from the builder’s hammer to the artisan’s paintbrush. As an acupuncturist, the needles you stock in your clinic are your tools. As a result, it makes sense to spend time taking the effort to locate a supplier for needles that can match your demand for quality and consistency. Needles that put up too much resistance or don’t provide for a rapid, nearly painless insertion simply won’t do in an acupuncture setting; neither you nor your clients will enjoy the session very much. This is especially true when it comes to a much more delicate form of acupuncture, such as sessions that employ face or hand acupuncture needles.

At NeedlePro, we understand the challenges faced by practitioners due to our own experience working with clients. That is why we’ve gathered together some of the finest acupuncture needles from premier Asian manufacturers. Not only are these the brands used by acupuncturists across Asia, but they are favourites here in Australia as well. With admirable levels of quality control, especially in the well-loved J-type face needles, you will find that these offer an overall better experience for each client. What are the attributes that set these products apart from others you might find?

The most important attributes for face acupuncture needles

Perhaps the singular feature that makes J-Type needles for the hand and face so popular is their consistency. Using a computer-aided machine to enhance grinding accuracy, the tips of every needle receive delicate attention to ensure they are uniform across every batch. Paired with a colour-coded system for identifying the different needles and you have a user-friendly system that provides clean insertions for every session. The handles, attached to the needles through the power of ultrasonic waves in production, offer excellent responsiveness during manipulation as well.

A variety of available sizes allows you to stock up on everything you need for a variety of sessions. Other products, such as those created by DongBang, complement these products well. Available at competitive rates from NeedlePro, you can bring the convenience of these items to your practice in no time.

Stock up your store room today, or reach out for help

The needles you use are at the foundation of the experience you can provide for clients who visit you to relax. With a quality source of hand acupuncture needles in Australia, offering a high-level service becomes much more straightforward. Looking for advice or more information on the specifics of the brands we carry or how to employ the products? We’ll happily engage you in a detailed conversation based on our first-hand experience with the products.

Best of all, we offer a guarantee to all our buyers. Try a product, such as our face acupuncture needles, and if you find yourself unsatisfied, send back the remainder — even if it’s just the empty box! We’ll still grant you a full refund. Explore all our products now to get started.