What you don’t see in your acupuncture needle?

It’s one thing to do our best as practitioners to help educate our clients about the endless benefits of why inserting some stainless steel needles into their skin will help them in so many ways, it’s another, trying to get them, the public, the healthcare system to recognise that the acupuncture needles are completely hygienic and safe to use.
On February 17th 2014, the Sydney Morning Herald released a shocking image (see below) of an acupuncture needle magnified showing what appears to be a scary image of the needle with relentless flaws “including scratches, blunt ends, metallic lumps and loosely attached pieces of material” (SMH, FEB 2014). Image Source: SMH, FEB 2014 Article Link: http://www.smh.com.au/national/researchers-make-blunt-point-about-bad-acupuncture-needles-20140217-32w22.html This is enough to scare anyone…both the client and the practitioner! Most of all, the public eye whom will stay far away from any thought of seeing an acupuncturist or a health practitioner who use acupuncture and needling as a form of therapy to provide healing. Researchers also mentioned that “these metallic pieces most likely resulted from the grinding and polishing process in the manufacturing process” (SMH, FEB 2014) With so many acupuncture needles now available in Australia, where do you start?

Who do you trust?

These first two photo’s below show you the quality of some other “above average” (unlike the first photo) brands of acupuncture needles. Even then, you will be able to see the roughness and inconsistency in its texture and some splints in the needle shaft. Check them out… The choice is not always about price. As you just saw – quality, durability, consistency, reliability, hygiene, safety and ultimately performance and value are crucial points that should drive your decision. These are at least just some of the characteristics of an acupuncture needle we personally looked for (first and foremost as practitioners) when choosing to bring a world-class performer like DongBang acupuncture needles into the Australian market for health practitioners. The subject line of this article states ‘what you don’t see in your acupuncture needle?’. And for this reason we have sourced some photo’s from our manufacturer’s (DongBang Acupuncture Inc.) research team to show you the quality and excellence in our needles compared to some of these other brands. And here’s our needles…

What do you think?

There’s nothing to hide here, true? There are clear and obvious differences in needle technology and production. We (as practitioners) obviously feel the sensitivity of the needle upon insertion and you would probably agree our clients can tell us even more about what they feel? But when you know you are using a top of the range product (backed by evidence) it really does enhance the performance, your clients comfort and of course optimal results. Thank you for the taking the time to read this article. We really wanted you to see the evidence behind what makes our needles so different and why you can put your trust and full confidence in our acupuncture needles and be certain in your decision like thousands of practitioners who have chosen our needles as their primary needle of choice. We’re not going to try and sell you our needles or tell you to buy them, we just want you to consider them upon your next needle purchase based on what you have just seen. Ultimately the goal is to find a needle that suits your needs and we have no doubt our needles will provide you with just that – greater receptivity, performance and fantastic value.

The decision is yours. We are here to support you either way.

All our acupuncture needles come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We are completely confident and stand behind all our products and we want you to make the right decision. Click Here to check out our best-selling acupuncture needles! Regards, Team NeedlePro Australia