Cosmetic Acupuncture Needles & Supplies Shipped Australia Wide

n general, acupuncture sessions require a steady hand and a thorough understanding of the principles behind this ancient therapy — and it also requires an extraordinary gentleness to ensure your clients have a relaxing experience. The needles involved should be a conduit to improve their comfort level, not a distraction that detracts from the experience. This is especially true when performing cosmetic acupuncture sessions where you must deal with more sensitive areas of the body such as the hand and face. At NeedlePro, we’re proud to provide acupuncturists across Australia with affordable and fast access to high-grade cosmetic acupuncture needles.

From DongBang’s intra-dermal needles to the unparalleled quality of J-type needles, stocking up on everything you require is straightforward with NeedlePro. Not only can you find cosmetic acupuncture needles here, but a wide variety of other essential supplies as well. Together, these can help make your most delicate procedures a breeze to accomplish.

Created by leading Asian manufacturers and using only the best materials, such as medical-grade wire from Japan, these products deliver an efficient and painless insertion experience. As a result, clients can get the most out of every visit while you can enjoy working with reliably high-quality cosmetic acupuncture needles. A rigorous degree of quality control ensures each insertion is as easy and quick as the last, even for micro-needling applications.

Shop all our cosmetic products now, or find accessories for your clinic. Questions? Ask our knowledgeable staff today; visit our contact page for further details.