The Perception of Grief, Anger and your key to Freedom!

In Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with a particular emotional trait that is related to the health and expression of the organ. In simple terms, an imbalance of the energetics or pathology of an organ can create an associated emotional response in the body. However, this can also happen in reverse such that, a […]

Liver Qi – The Ascension of Liver qi

Learn how the simple energetic movement of the Liver energy can affect and influence your mood and physiology and how you can use acupuncture point Liver 14 to help move the liver energy and its ascension for maximum performance.

Acupuncture Point Discussion – Small Intestine 3

The Small Intestine (SI) channel in Acupuncture practice is, in my opinion, highly under-utilised and therefore never truly used to its full potential. As the channel trajectory covers some important and integral joints of the skeletal system such as the wrist, elbow, shoulder etc many practitioners use the corresponding points for influencing muscular-skeletal conditions as […]

[The Psychology of Need & Affection] – The Heart Protector

The Heart protector, also known as the Pericardium, comes from the Greek word signifying around and heart and is a significant energetic and structural (membrane) component in the body as it protects and covers the heart. In Chinese Medicine, the Pericardium plays a crucial role as the protector of the heart because the heart governs […]

[The Psychology of Disease] – Autoimmune Disease & Why your Body Attacks Itself?

Autoimmune Disease can have many hidden triggers. Some of these are – yeast, virus and bacterial infections, food allergens like wheat and gluten causing inflammation, heavy metals such as mercury, nutritional, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, poor gut permeability and lack of exercise. Of these, there is still an overlooked root problem giving rise to a […]

The Balance of Will-Power

The will power in an individual derives from two functional aspects of the kidney energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys along with all other organs have a yin and yang component. The yin is often responsible for functional and physiological mechanics while the yang is the expression and power of this aspect. In […]

Acupuncture Point Discussion – Kidney 13 (Door of Infants)

A powerful and often underused acupuncture point, also known as qi hole or qi cave (energy hole or energy cave), is located on the lower abdomen and involves the precise placement of acupuncture needles. This point shares (or carries) the energy of the Chong Mai channel (the blood chamber/uterus channel). As the name ‘door of […]

Acupuncture Point Discussion – Lung 1 (Central Palace)

According to Chinese medicine, the lungs are the source of our intrinsic values and by living according to what’s most meaningful to us, this will allow our innate inspiration. The internal branch of the liver channel leaves and passes through the diaphragm to connect with the lungs. This energy will travel smoothly if one seeks […]

Are you suffering from Chronic Fatigue?

Are you suffering from Chronic Fatigue or Tiredness? If you have tried everything such as correcting your diet, exercising, taking vitamins and minerals and you find yourself still feeling flat, let me tell you one of the most overlooked reasons behind your problem. Many illnesses can be due to a lack of energy, dehydration and […]

Acupuncture Point Discussion – Heart 3 (Shai Hai)

As the water and He-Sea point in Chinese Medicine, the channel dives in deeper and the energetics become stronger and more targeted and may influence the energy of the heart muscle. Lonny Jarrett explains it well and the idea refers to the fact that if the water element FAILS to rise and control the expression […]