[Video] – Emotions trapped in time & Kidney Heart Axis

  In this video (5:32 mins), I discuss how our emotions can trap us and how we can become bound by space and time which makes it harder for us to extend ourselves beyond our condition and suffering and see that we are moving further away from any healing.

Motor Point Needling – Plantar Fasciitis

Here’s another great article by our musculo-skeletal acupuncturist Hamish Reid, sharing his treatment strategies and the awesome power of motor points for the plantar fasciitis. The motor point is technically where the motor nerve innervates the muscle (neuromuscular junction).

Motor Point Needling – Trigger Finger (Dupuytren’s Contracture)

Our musculo-skeletal acupuncturist Hamish Reid suggests that Dupuytren’s contracture actually responds very well with the use of Motor Points – as all cases like this the earlier it is picked up and treated, the better. One thing right off the bat is to check what the patients expectations are – many times when I have […]

The Psycho-Dynamics of Adrenal Fatigue

In order to discuss the psycho-dynamics of adrenal fatigue we must also look at the biology and physiology. Let us take a look at some of the physiological associations in a quick summary:

What you don’t see in your acupuncture needle?

It’s one thing to do our best as practitioners to help educate our clients about the endless benefits of why inserting some stainless steel needles into their skin will help them in so many ways, it’s another, trying to get them, the public, the healthcare system to recognise that the acupuncture needles are completely hygienic […]

8 Extraordinary Channels that help you master your life!

In the video below, I will tell you how your body has distinct channels that tell your story about your: Identity, purpose, confidence, assertion, culture/religion, bonding, conflicts with your mother or father, self-contentment, past trauma, blame, stance and perspective,

Whats the difference between Spirit and Soul?

One of the common questions that many students and even practitioners often think about is the difference between Spirit (Shen) and Soul (Ling). At least in my 10+ years of teaching, this is a question that I get asked frequently by many students. To some, this maybe somewhat simple but to most it draws a […]